At Nerospec Industrial Internet Services of Things (IIOT), we know how things should be done and have a lot to offer farmers and all other stakeholders in the agriculture business where we have hands-on experience. First off, we offer several personalised devices which are specifically tailored and designed to meet all possible needs of just about any type of farm. This is a situation that predicts an exciting future for us going forwards as we have the aim, scope, and objective of changing that rhetoric. Nerospec IIOT encourages the use of highly efficient machinery and cutting-edge devices and sensors to solve everyday problems via the utilization of a sensor network. It also offers farmers and all stakeholders in the field of agriculture realistic and proven solutions to fix most of their problems and help them increase both production and revenue. At Nerospec IIOT, we are positive we can provide you with the best services and solutions, as well as round-the-clock customer support and representation to ensure that we attend to any problems which might arise from using our equipment and materials.

Vinicultural Monitoring

Monitor the real-life conditions of your vineyard, moisture content, humidity, UV exposure and temperature, make informed decision, monitor how changes are influencing everyday activities in real time form anywhere in the world.

Horticulture & Green Houses

Is Green house of irrigation farming your thing? Monitor soil conditions, greenhouse emissions, temperature and irrigate only where it is needed. Save $$$ annually by farming smarter and more efficient.

Precision Farming

Large fields? Install an IoT solutions to help control pest, measure ground conditions and change crops to efficiently give soil time to recover.

Live Stock

Tag all your assets and view your assets location in real time with GPS tags over large distances. Monitor fence and get immediate notification when fence is breached.

Game Farms

With the increase in Poaching in South Africa, deploy and IoT solution get notified in real time when a fence is broken, Live stock is killed or Tourist enter restricted areas. Track and protect valuable animals with pin point GPS location. With battery duration of 5 year or more there is no better time than now to start!

Forest Fire Detection

With forest fires a constant threat, A remote forest fire reduction system could save thousands of lives and protect against loss of livestock and damages to vulnerable eco systems.

Golf Courses

Monitor greens, Smart irrigation.