Oil & Gas

Now with the help of equipment and sensors manufactured by Nerospec IIOT, some of the problems that oil and gas companies face can easily become a thing of the past. Nerospec has proven beyond reasonable doubt that it can provide practical solutions to problems of this magnitude which affect revenue and profit significantly regarding adequate maintenance as well as monitoring of equipment while they work. Oil and gas companies have and work with a lot of equipment that is not situated in one single place or location. Nerospec provides an entirely reliable network and devices to help oil and gas companies to extremely enhance digital initiatives which, in turn, help them improve their operations, increase profits and reduce operating costs.
Listed above are just a few of the reasons why any serious company must adopt digitization in their operations and procedures.


With the deployment of land, air or sea based rovers basic task like pipe leak detection, perimeter control and weld inspections could become an automated task with no risk to human live. With an enterprise, Lora network deployed you are in control of your Drone and can insure network integrity.

Emergency Evacuation

Does your operation have an elevated risk of injury? If so an IoT emergency response and location system will enable you to quickly do raw call automatically and locate lost or injured employees.


Monitor Remote flow sensors, Fire detectors, and efficiency through a Lora Enterprise network. Be in control your refiner get a standalone IoT solution.

Pipe Line Inspections

An added benefit of remote flow sensor monitoring gas the ability to detect leaks in the pipe lines which can automatically be detected and authorities notified of any leak detected which could avoid major cost and environmental hazards.

Hazardous Gas Detection

Is a build-up of Co2 or methane a concern? Deploy an IoT enabled GAS sensor and detect the presence of hazardous gases automatically!