Mining & Heavy Machinery

Nerospec IIOT offers you cutting-edge technologies to monitor your mining equipment and machinery and help you maximize output and increase profit revenue effectively. Our Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) expertise can provide you with solutions to every single problem that your company may face. Whether you are a small-scale firm or a large-scale company, we can tailor our services to suit your needs. Our excellent network monitors your equipment with apps and software to ensure that we keep track of your vehicle’s fuel level, track the engine hours and provide real-time locations of your vehicles. We also improve maintenance procedures by creating maintenance logs, plans for repairs, and ensure that we avoid breakdown of machinery as well as machinery downtime. Nerospec has all the effective measures and solutions that can help your firm to effectively scale-up productions to increase revenue. The mining and heavy machinery industry can significantly be improved with the help of Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT). Employing IIOT into this sector of business will not only grow and improve the working conditions of the working staff but will also improve their security at the workplace significantly.

Assets Tracking and Monitoring

Tag all your surface bound vehicles with GPS enabled tags, track all assist, compile production reports, Equipment efficiency

Cable Theft Monitoring

With the Nerospec Iot Power Node remote substations can be monitored and automatically notify authorities of cable theft while the cable is being stolen with GPS location

Production Reports

When the NeroNode Assets tag is install an added benefit is Production reporting where by the system can automatically compile reports of how many times a LHD or Train has moved from point A to B. With on vehicle weighting possible one can for the first time truly calculate the efficiency of a mining operation.

Remote Telemetry Stations

When large telemetry networks are required to remotely view dam/silo levels, flow rates and stock pile sizes an IoT solution can enable you to remotely monitor all these events without having to install expensive infrastructure like fibre and AC installed, IoT solution will be the right choice for you.


The added benefit from an enclosed area like a mine is the fact that an enterprise Lora network can be deployed and with Assets tags deployed on all vehicles entering the mine all movements can be monitored and logged. When a post theft investigation is being conducted all movements for the time and date can be analysed.

Collision Avoidance Systems

With the NeroHub installed as the primary Collision avoidance interface, real time information can be obtained from the vehicles, Service hours, Brake efficiency, speed, driving conditions and operator behaviour can all be obtained.