Logistics, Automotive and Telecommunication

In such a fast-paced and very competitive world where we now live, many businesses strive daily to find ways to improve their services and increase output, as well as their revenue generation. A good number of such businesses fail due to wrong decisions and awkward choices. Logistics, automotive and telecommunication industries face a lot of problems that can be easily solved by the adoption of technology. The moving of goods and services, as well as heavy machinery from one place to another is the main thrust of logistics as an industry. Real-time tracking of drivers and vehicles is very important with the use of GPS trackers to be able to categorically tell the location of our goods and services at any given point in time. A traditionally capital-intensive sector, such as this, needs adequate monitoring to prevent theft, vandals and other forms of delay or damage of goods on delivery. When it comes to telecommunications, the cost is ever rising and increasing due to pressure from regulatory bodies, the quest for customer satisfaction as well as competition being offered by our competitors in the industry. Many sectors which have been digitalized have shown, without a measure of doubt, that digitization is key to expansion, increasing output and capturing new opportunities.
Nerospec IIOT will strive to find solutions to all your problems but will also make sure each and every service and device being provided to you is of the highest quality. At Nerospec IIOT, it is important and also cost- effective that we ensure prompt monitoring and evaluation of our equipment and the services provided by our company for businesses in this sector. Nerospec IIOT is key to digitization, growth, and expansion of your business. We see to it that based on the services we provide, our clients feel our impact with measurable milestones and achievements on revenue generation and the ease of conducting business.

Courier Services

With the increasing need for faster deliveries and security risk involved, installing the a nero node assets tracker, you can go a very long way in provided GPS accuracy package tracking and truly automatic departure and arrive notifications.


With Large telecommunication networks spread over the country, deploying a Neronode can greatly increase your maintenance team efficiency and start doing preventative maintenance instead of dealing with breakdowns. Get real time information at a fraction of the cost of conventional systems.

Fleet Management

Operate a large fleet of vehicles? installing a Lora enabled NeroNode and start getting real time information about efficiency, travelling time, fuel expenditure and save by cutting down on time delays and monitor inefficient processes.


Tag all your assets and view your assets location in real time with GPS tags over large distances. Monitor fence and get immediate notification when fence is breached.

Supply Chain

When running a large logistical company. Managing and moving goods can be an issue, deploying a NeroNode fleet unit can track and create automatic reports of product quantity, system efficiency and reduce lost stock quantity.