Nerospec IIOT provides real-time solutions to challenges faced by manufacturers, especially at their factories where monitoring of activities is highly essential. We also provide the best logistics for you to move goods and products across states and regions as well as help in the procurement of raw materials. We provide the best after-installation services with any hitches that you may get. Furthermore, we, at Nerospec, want our clients to be able to foresee dire situations, analyze data on the go, communicate and make informed decisions on various issues. We are able to monitor stocks against theft, ensure safety and wellbeing, maintain strategic equipment and their conditions, fire detection, flood, smoke, hazardous materials and even the energy consumption for each machine. Nerospec IIOT has been in the business of providing quality monitoring and evaluation equipment for different sectors, and the manufacturing sector is not left out. We often, if not always, exceed our customer’s expectations and go the extra mile to ensure that the service we provide, either at your factory or for your trucks and vehicles while in transit, is superb. We understand that business is primarily for profit and so we work closely with our clients to plug loopholes through which resources, such as time, money or energy, are being lost.

We are glad to invite you to come and discuss business with us. You won’t regret—we promise!

Heavy Equipment Automation and Energy Monitoring

Monitor the energy consumption of manufacturing machinery, boost efficiency, detect fault before they become a problem. Remotely start and stop machinery. A true stepping stone to full automation.

Indoor Air Quality

With heavy equipment operating indoor air quality can be a real issue, monitor Oxygen, CO2 and any other harmful gasses in real time.

Quality Control

Deploy a fully automated randomised batch quality control system where by an IoT solution can identify units for testing at random and automatically send the test results to servers for immediate or historical analyses.

SHEQ Monitoring and Reporting

Worried about employ safety and safety regulations? deploying a IoT SHEQ solution can monitor ambient light, Sound levels, air quality and much more to insure your company complies to safety regulation always.

Time and Attendance

Is time and attendance a problem? deploy a IoT solution with Nerospec advanced Artificial Intelligence Algorithms to eliminate issues with conventional clocking systems, save on payroll and be assured you are covered.

Emergency Evacuation

Does your operation have a high risk of injury? if so an IoT emergency response and location system will enable you to quickly do raw call automatically and locate lost or injured employees.