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This is where Internet of Things (IOT) comes into the equation. The Internet of things is the use interconnections of smaller devices with the help of the Internet to solve everyday problems. The means of solving problems have proven to be extremely helpful and have been employed in many sectors of life. The security sector should not lag behind in tapping into this great solution to many of our problems. Looking for maximum security, or needing to monitor your property and personal belongings 24/7, our solutions are geared to offer you quality solutions at an affordable rate.

Equipment Tracking

With the low cost of IoT Passive devices get immediate notifications when something has left your property and track down your valuable items! save on insurance and be assure you are in control of your assets.

Perimeter Control

With Nero Node Gate pass gate instant notification of who has entered your property and control where individuals are and are not allowed.

Sound & Motion Detection

Want to know who has entered your home or premises without having to rely on a of site security company? the NeroNode can detect sound and motion and notify you anywhere tin the world that someone or something has happened.

Fence Monitoring

With large electric fence deployed for secured properties, the Nero node can detect when and where the fence is broken and immediately notify security of the breach with a location.